Verilux partners with Enchanted Makeovers to transform women’s shelters

Enchanted Makeovers' sole mission is to “transform women and children’s shelters from surviving to thriving spaces.”

Enchanted Makeovers is an organization on a mission to “transform women and children’s shelters from surviving to thriving spaces.” Based in Taylor, Michigan, Enchanted Makeovers staff and volunteers work their magic in shelters across the US using donated handmade crafts, original art, and DIY ingenuity. They create one-of-a-kind living environments that inspire women to discover, develop and celebrate what makes each of them a unique, valuable individual.

“Enchanted Makeovers programs show the women and children they are worthy

Terry Grahl, Founder and Visionary of Enchanted Makeovers

“We are shining a beautiful light on women and children rebuilding their lives in shelters.” -Terry Grahl

of a better, brighter life,” says Terry Grahl, founder and visionary of Enchanted Makeovers. “We are very excited about partnering with Verilux because they also believe we can all live “Life in a Better Light.”  It will be so powerful to add Verilux products to our shelter makeovers because of how they improve mood, concentration, energy levels and sleep patterns.”

Nicholas Harmon, President of Verilux, is also very excited about this partnership.  “One of the greatest things we do at Verilux is improve the quality of people’s lives directly with our products. We are also blessed to be able sponsor organizations that share this aspiration. Enchanted Makeovers is such an organization and we are delighted that we can support their mission of creating safe and comforting spaces for those in need.”

Before and after picture of a recent EM shelter makeover.

Before and after picture of a recent EM shelter makeover.

Verilux is currently working with Enchanted Makeovers to bring healthy lighting and sanitizing solutions to their new headquarters, the Detroit Rescue Mission, as well as other exciting shelter projects to be determined. Verilux products can have a big impact, particularly in a shelter environment. From transforming classroom lighting to help enhance visual acuity and reading comprehension, to lifting mood and energy, and even sanitizing difficult-to-clean surfaces, healthy lighting can help in many ways.

EM before and after of a shelter sewing room project.

Before and after of an EM shelter sewing room project.

Residents and volunteers work together on Enchanted Makeovers projects – both functional and whimsical – that furnish and decorate the rooms at the shelter. Instead of a sterile or, as is often the case, a run-down living space that perpetuates feelings of hopelessness and low self-esteem, residents live in beautiful rooms they helped create. For many, it’s their first-ever “pretty” living space.  It’s also often a long-overdue chance to experience positive feelings about themselves and what they can achieve.

As Enchanted Makeovers explains, “The majority of long-term stay homeless shelter environments work against their programs and positive outcomes. When women and children enter a shelter that has a depressing prison-like environment, is broken and full of items other people discarded as trash, it reflects their feelings of brokenness. Behavioral and psychological scientific studies have shown that a stable, nurturing environment leads to better outcomes in physical/mental health, developmental milestones, academic performance and overall well-being.”

A woman transformed by the Enchanted Makeovers project in her shelter.

A woman transformed by the Enchanted Makeovers project in her shelter.

And the work of Enchanted Makeovers is needed now more than ever. A report by the National Center on Family Homelessness found that 1 in 45 children in the United States are homeless. That means 1.6 million children are facing a life without a stable home environment. Also, according to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, 13% of the adult homeless populations are veterans.

To find out more about Enchanted Makeovers and learn how you can help, please visit

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