HappyLight brings great benefits in a desert climate

Jim uses his HappyLight in his "desert cave." Keeps out the heat, but brings the light back in.

Jim uses his HappyLight when the summer sun is too bright.

We loved hearing from Jim in Nevada about the great benefits he experiences using his HappyLight in the summertime.

“During the summer months in the desert I have the blinds closed all day to keep out the blazing sunlight. Though the house stays cooler, the lack of natural light was making me feel rundown, zapping my energy. I tried turning on several “regular” lights to brighten things but they did nothing to improve how I felt. Then I found the HappyLight and from the first use my energy and mood not only improved but were better than I could ever recall – I couldn’t believe a little HappyLight could do that! Now I have three HappyLights and I use them in so many ways. In the mornings to get a burst of energy, in the afternoon during those hours when I feel sluggish, and in the evening if I need to stay alert while working from home. Thanks Verilux for creating a light that has brightened my world in more ways than one.”

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Verilux HappyLight a great gift for feathered friends

Jennifer from No Feather Left Behind gave her adorable cockatiel, Miss Tiel, a HappyLight and saw an extra spring in her step.  Read on to learn more about their experience with healthy lighting or visit here for her full post.

Miss Tiel perches on her much loved HappyLight.

Miss Tiel perches on her HappyLight.

“Miss Tiel has been spending the most time with the HappyLight. She definitely seems to be more peppy and alert. When you first turn it on, your eyes instantly respond to it, it’s like someone opened a window to let the sun in or you got a new lens prescription.

We all are enjoying the Natural Spectrum Compact Fluorescent bulbs. There’s an obvious contrast between the Verilux Bulbs to our old standard bulbs. They really brighten up the place and makes things more vivid.”

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Exciting new light therapy and productivity lamps launch in Verilux fall catalog

Verilux Fall Catalog

Verilux Fall Catalog

The Verilux fall catalog contained newly launched light therapy and desk lamps with exciting upgrades and features.  This catalog is now also available online here.  All three of these lamps not only illuminate a work space, but also bring the amazing benefits of Verilux Natural Spectrum light for reading comprehension, vision or an energy boost.

DeXa Desk Lamp pictured left.  Right, LED light adjusting dial.

DeXa Desk Lamp. Right: lamp base with LED light adjusting dial.

For the student or avid reader in your life, the Verilux DeXa desk lamp illuminates your workspace with Natural Spectrum light that’s specially formulated to reduce eyestrain and fatigue. With the DeXa lamp, you can see more clearly and stay sharp longer.  An on-base dial-in switch lets you choose from one of ten light intensities – one perfect for the task at hand. The flexible gooseneck positions the light where you need it. The illumination comes from long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs that greatly reduce operating costs over the life of the lamp.  The sturdy, metal base and lamp head combine with the sleek gooseneck to complement the décor of any workspace. The Verilux DeXa Desk Lamp: elegance for the corner office, efficiency for any work station.

The Tazza Desk Lamp has a USB port & outlet built in.

The Tazza Desk Lamp has a USB port & outlet built in.

The Tazza Desk Lamp has a 1.0 amp on-base USB port and two-prong polarized AC outlet. USB ports in other lamps are generally only 0.5 amps, so Tazza will charge your devices faster to keep you connected. The Tazza also features Verilux’s patented Natural Spectrum light, a type of full spectrum lighting that replicates key wavelengths of natural light, to help you read faster with greater comprehension, work longer without eyestrain, and improve productivity and focus.

HappyLight Liberty 5K Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp

HappyLight Liberty 5K Natural Spectrum Energy Lamp

The HappyLight Liberty 5K is an energy lamp that goes where you do. This is the ideal lamp for use at home, office, or both because the Liberty 5K measures only about 6″ x 7″ x 3″. It fits conveniently in a briefcase or backpack, but don’t let its compact size fool you. The 5K emits 5,000 lux of light intensity, a good amount for daily use and moderate session times. Get the benefits of light therapy in a highly portable lamp to use wherever you want, always conveniently and discreetly.

In addition to our new product launches, check out the online version of our fall catalog to read about our new blog and amazing customer testimonials.  Also, you will see our full selection of HappyLight light therapy lamps, productivity lamps, Natural Spectrum bulbs, healthy sanitizing solutions and other great products.

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