Random acts of kindness brighten lives & warm hearts, plus a giveaway!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 is Random Acts of Kindness Day!  We at Verilux are inspired by the random acts of kindness we’ve seen and heard about from various nonprofits, our consumers, as well as within our own walls.  To celebrate this year, we are taking stock of some of our favorite recent acts of kindness and would love to hear from you about some of yours!  Also, for details on our Random Acts of Kindness Day giveaway and how you can win, scroll down to the bottom of this page or visit us on facebook.

A drab shelter space is transformed into a beautiful, functional space for shelter residents.

Before and after: a drab shelter space is transformed into a beautiful, functional sewing room for shelter residents.

Our first favorite organization improving the lives of many women and children is Enchanted Makeovers. It’s an organization on a mission to “transform women and children’s shelters from surviving to thriving spaces,” based in Taylor, Michigan. Enchanted Makeovers staff and volunteers work their magic in shelters across the US using donated handmade crafts, original art, and DIY ingenuity. They create one-of-a-kind living environments that inspire women to discover, develop and celebrate what makes each of them a unique, valuable individual. Verilux is currently working with Enchanted Makeovers to bring healthy lighting and sanitizing solutions to their new headquarters, the Detroit Rescue Mission, as well as other upcoming shelter projects to be determined.

A bedroom becomes a gorgeous, inviting space for mother and child at the shelter thanks to EM

Before and after: a bedroom becomes a gorgeous, inviting space for mother and child at the shelter thanks to EM.

“Handmade is healing,” says Terry Grahl, Enchanted Makeovers founder. “When you receive something handmade, it has special meaning, because you know the giver took the time to make it for you, and you know there’s a bit of love in that gift. When you make something yourself, it may not be perfect, but you did it, and that gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride.”

And there are some exciting acts of kindness happening abroad, as well. Every day, a few minutes on either side of 6:00 p.m., when the sun goes down on the 31,000 residents of Cahabon, Guatemala, the majority of them enter a world of darkness that endures until the sun returns the following morning. With no electricity available and no money to buy even candles – let alone oil lamps or flashlights and batteries – the residents of Cahabon live 12-hour days that last 24 hours. Its location, as the crow flies, is about 85 miles northeast of the capital of Guatemala City, or just 15° north of the equator. For them, every day of the year brings just 12 hours of sunlight.

Guatamala solar flashlight

Bonnie Tout, left, with residents of Cahabon. Right, a Verilux solar flashlight hangs in a protective plastic bag.

On one of her dozen humanitarian trips that began 15 years ago, Bonnie Tout recognized that for these Guatemalans, extended available light could translate into improved quality of life. Her solution was to take and distribute 60 solar rechargeable flashlights – and later another 96 – provided initially by another company and subsequently by Verilux, Inc., at a heavily reduced price.

“The flashlights have made an enormous difference in these people’s lives,” Tout
explained. “They extend the time people have to do chores, prepare meals, read, study, enjoy each other, and engage in activities that make an impoverished existence a bit more fulfilling and livable.”

Tanzania solar flashlights

Left, students in Tanzania line up for class. Top right, a guard is armed with his new Verilux solar flashlight to help him make his rounds. Bottom right, Verilux solar flashlights charge in the sun.

Verilux solar flashlights are making a big difference in another part of the world, as well. Working with The Image Project, a Rush City, Minn.-based organization that “works to empower Maasai girls and women in Tanzania through education and economic opportunities,” Verilux donated solar rechargeable flashlights to help keep the students safe while walking at night, help them study at night, as well as light the way for the guard who watches over them.

“The girls absolutely loved the solar lights. The lights are used in the evening as the girls are studying, and we gave one to the guard who watches over the girls at night. He was thrilled, as you can see by the photo!” said Deb Pangerl, Executive Director of The Image Project. “I really appreciate all of your help on behalf of the girls involved at our school! Together we can make a difference in the world!”

Random Acts of Kindness Day Giveaway

Now, we want to hear about your favorite random act of kindness!  Have you ever received an unexpected gesture of great kindness or witnessed one?  Tell us about it on our facebook page to enter to win by either commenting on our Random Acts of Kindness Day post or just directly to our page.  Three winners will be chosen at random to win a HappyLight Liberty 5k Natural Energy Lamp!*  Keep it for yourself, or in the spirit of the day, donate it to a worthy person or organization!

*Entrants must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid US or Canadian shipping address. Enter by 5pm EST on February 18th.

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Pets love Verilux healthy lighting, too!

We all know how important healthy lighting is for people, but many of us don’t realize how much pets enjoy it, too.  Recently, we ran a contest to learn more about Verilux’s furry fan base.  The stories and images we received were so adorable and inspiring, we couldn’t resist sharing a few here on our blog!

DSC00604“My dogs are “sun dogs” and they all vie for a spot in the sun shining in the window. When it is cloudy or rainy in the Northwest, which is a lot of Fall and Winter, they go under blankets in their beds, day beds and crates, which can cause hair loss according to my vet. She recommended Natural Spectrum light. Using two Verilux HappyLights at both ends of their “day time” bed, they no longer cover themselves in the day time. The dogs seem to “share” the light, DSC00595with the exception of Chu Chu, who wants a “front row seat” for the light at ALL times! If some other dog is closer, she will squeeze her small little 10lb body up front.” -Diane S.


“In these cold Wisconsin winters, we do whatever we can to stay cozy and warm. One of my favorite ways to retreat during the harsh weather is by turning on a heated blanket and my HappyLight, grabbing some hot tea or coffee and reading a good book. These moments are image1made even more enjoyable when our cat, Leo, hops on my lap and purrs away while soaking up the warmth and light. These moments for me are complete and total bliss. The small things in life often are the most wonderful!” -Jenny H.


“I have an Original Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp at the corner of our couch in the TV room. It’s on every night whether we are reading or watching TV. The beauty of it is, during the winter months when it’s cold and photowe close the drapes, this lamp adds a beautiful daytime-like illumination. The hardest part now is getting my space back from my three-legged cat, Moochie! Almost every evening without fail, he’ll hop on the couch and, if the light is off, he’ll sleep on the right side of the couch. If the light is on, almost like clockwork he carves out a space for himself under the light, which inevitably means pushing me out of the way. I guess sharing is caring.” -Scott S.


“Nash is our newest addition to the family as our rescue kitten! He is very curious about everything bright and shiny, especially the HappyLight! Whether I FullSizeRenderuse it at my desk or when getting up in the morning, he is there to sniff and enjoy!” -Tara G.

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Skepticism about Verilux healthy lighting disappears with the flip of a switch

Nicole of Crazed Mom

“…the light did allow me to see much clearer. It’s soft light, but bright light….everything was sharper and clearer than just using a regular light, and I liked that a lot.” -Nicole

Seeing is definitely believing when it comes to the benefits of Verilux enhanced spectrum light.  People often ask, “How different can a lamp or light bulb be?” until they switch on Verilux healthy lighting for the first time.  Scientifically proven to improve visual acuity, reduce eyestrain, and improve productivity, the benefits are real.

Nicole of Crazed Mom had a similar experience when her skepticism was immediately dashed trying her SmartLight Clip Lamp for the first time.  Now it’s her constant companion for reading at home and on trips.  Read on for more of her story or visit her full post here.

“At first I kinda thought the whole thing was a little hokey, as there are “claims” advertised on the box like, ‘read faster with greater comprehension’ and ‘work smarter with improved productivity and focus’, and ‘study longer without glare, eyestrain and fatigue’. Uhm. Alrighty then. Seriously?

It’s just a lamp, right? Well, yes. And no.

What I will say, is that I think you can see better which is why these claims could hold true. The light is actually nice and bright and did allow me to see much clearer. And with a natural/white light. It’s soft light, but bright light. I am not sure how to explain this, but everything was sharper and clearer than just using a regular light, and I liked that a lot.


The SmartLight Clip Lamp

I read a LOT of books and magazines and I need a lamp that is adjustable that can kinda travel with me around the house, to hotels, etc. THIS is the case with this lamp. It has a really nice, longer cord, clips onto almost anything and the head is adjustable and you can point the light in any direction without unclipping it.

One easy turn of the head and the light comes on immediately. Everything about the lamp is easy.

I’ve only had the lamp about a week now, but truly I am very intrigued by the natural light. I notice that eyestrain is definitely reduced and overall, I really like the lamp!”

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